Sunday, September 5, 2010

Team 4.2 --->Mission Accompished!

The internet has been down for the past 12 hours so I'll post a last blog on the progress this morning (Sunday) and save my final reflections (and some pictures) for when I get home in a few days. I leave for my flight in an hour so here's how Saturday happened and team 4.2 completes:
Saturday had an unusual start for me. For the first morning since my arrival I didn't require two extra strength pain killers to subdue my morning headache just to get out of bed. As we drove to the site it was pure sunshine for the first time with only one band of clouds on the mountain horizon. The day was off to a great start, just the way it would end. When the usual 3:00 rains tried to come, the skys would clear the thunder and the few droplets to end the day with sunshine. Glory be to God.
After the previous day's problems, we found the cement truck removed from the mud road where we had left it the night before. We immediately started to work.
There were four floor sections remaining for our team to accomplish our goal of completing floors. The bags of cement on hand may or may not be enough. By the time we completed two and a half slabs the cement ran out. Soon enough, with the roads drying out in the morning sun, the remainder of the needed cement arrived. We worked on. By 4:00 PM the last wheelbarrow of cement was poured into the form at the kitchen door. Mission accomplished for our team.
About that time, the kids had formed a line at the tool shed where they had been living for the past week. They began with song and a prosession toward building one that they had swept clean that morning. At first I thought they were praticing for their Sunday morning services.
A ceremony would follow with 50 + people gathered in the sitting room of building one. A very comfortable fit I do add. I'll bring you more on that ceremony when I post my mission reflections later this week. Dry eyes were not a part of the 45 minute ceremonies.
This is when team 4.2 surrenders the mission project to team 4.1. That, of course will just be Adam. I wish him God's speed as he spends the remainder of September setting the mission on its final path to "Mission Accomplished, Mission Completed." There are doors to hang, windows to place and other tasks that remain. Adam will share some good news on other objectives in the days to follow.
At this time, we should also set new understandings on the blog postings. As those before me understand, doing these postings is challenging on a daily basis. Not only are there connection problems and electric problems that are everything Africa, there is also the time it takes when you have also just completing a very tiring 12 hour day and have a few other items to attend to, like take a hot shower and catch a meal.
As Adam takes on the balance of the mission details there won't be daily milestones to post. Slow but sure is the new direction toware the ultimate success that all the previous teams have assured.
So continue to follow the blog daily knowing that Adam will continue to post as exciting new events take place. Postings may only take place a few times a week going forward. I'm looking forward to the first pictures with the kids moved in. Just think of the change when they take the first dozen kids out of an 8' X 8' mud room into the buildings. Soon to be followed by bunk beds.
Read on faithfull followers, my ride to the airstrip has arrived. See you back home.
With God's blessings on the kids,

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  1. Well done team 4.2!
    You have stepped out on the path of obedience to Christ, believing that He will supply the needed grace. And that he has! Blessings Adam as you literally put this project to bed.