Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Foot

Well its been a few days without Internet connection here so an update has not been possible.  Jim had mentioned that they would come less frequently since i was here alone, but i still believe everyone wants and should be kept up to date on the progress.

I have been overwhelmed by the impact that a project like this has! At first i just thought that we were helping Martin, Ruth and the kids; however the longer that i have been here the more i realize just how large of an impact that it has on the whole community.  From the matatu driver Robert getting new tires, seat covers and other needed maintenance while being able to support his family.  Kimani the taxi driver replacing his tires and shocks, paying off his daughters school fees and still being able to put food on the table at the end of the day. One of the guys at the site that has been working for us also by the name Robert came the other day giving thanks for the opportunity to work as he was now off to attend school for optometry. One of the mason by the name of Martin being able to pay for his children's education, his son is attending theological school, and he is also supporting orphans from his family that passed.  The list just keeps going, over for over 21 people that have been employed, and the drivers that deliver materials, the hardware store the impact is much larger then i had ever thought. its Gods glory.  Everyone here is so thankful and grateful for everything everyone there has done! God Bless

With the teams all gone I have switched from the matatu then to the taxi for team 4.2 and now to public matatu for team 4.1 as Jim has dubbed me.  With the change there is a lot of footing that needs to be done.  The leave time is now 6:30 so i can walk from the TI to the Total station where I can catch a matatu,  this leg is about a 25 minuet walk.  Then the walk from Simatwet center to the site is another 35 minuets, which still gets me there about 8am. 

Monday was the first night that the children actually slept in  house one!  They almost didn't know what to do with all the space and not needing to be right on top of each other. House two has already been turned into the school house where the primary kids attend classes. the ABC's can
 be heard shouted by them throughout the work site. 

The exterior plastering has also been completed on house one yesterday and today the Gable ends of house two have been completed and the rest of the house should be finished tomorrow.  So all external plastering will be completed about half way through Saturday if this paced schedule is kept. 

All the interior door frames have been set in house one as of today, so there is a good chance that all frames can be installed by Saturday.  Hopefully hinges and knobs or handles will arrive soon so the doors can be installed onto the frames. 

Hope to have a picture update as soon as possible.


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