Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Minuet Goodies

Today was spent running around trying to get all of the last minuet goodies for the orphanage.  The list included a 5,000 liter water tank, steel tubing for building the water tower, the welding rods, hack saw blades, water pump and tubing. Also gutters and downspouts for collecting rain water, floor polish, glass for the windows and the steel putty to install the glass.  Another one of goodies was the fireproof additive for the cement to build an efficient stove in the kitchen. 

Of course it had rained by time that we made it back.  The driver made it into the site just fine, but getting out he wasnt as lucky.  It took everyone pushing and digging to get the truck back on its way to Kitale must have taken at least an hour, but it is Africa.
My time here is unfortunately running out so its push push push for all these things to be completed.  I realize that there will be many things that will be remaining to do that wont be accomplished while I'm here.  However the buildings are now homes and are a huge improvement from where they have been living in Soy.

Soon the mattresses and bunk beds will start arriving but they will first need to be built.

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