Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Over the hump day

Monumental day today in what was done. Real happy that we had the first floor pour started at 8:30. Everything was ready when we left the night before. End result - 5 slabs done (one more than we intended and that doesn't count two shower stalls and the handicap ramp at the main entry to bldg 1). Phew! But what really happened was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where we have a game plan for each day through Saturday with great results intended (you'll just need to keep on reading to learn of those results). There was some lost labor in not keeping everyone at 100% over the past two days so 5 of the local labors have been reduced.
The truck delivering the cement bags today got stuck in the mud. I'm not sure if it was the same location we got stuck this morning or not. Either way, like the cab ride, we sent the man power out to push the truck. It rained this morning and at the usual late afternoon period. Mostly cloudy all day long with perhaps a half hour sun.
Not sure what happened to yesterday's blog. I was just about to start it when the power went out so I retired for the evening. The funny report would have been the duck foot prints on one of the floors.Yep, it wasn't the chicken, but some how a duck got into the building after we locked the STEEL doors. Humm, first I'm thinking chicken dinner. Now duck. At the end of the today I felt someone was watching me while work on a step. I turned around and saw a turkey for the first time (wonder if I could bring it home on the plane for Thanksgiving?). Do you think the peanut butter and honey sandwich I've eaten every day with water are getting to me?
So, today morale was great as we see many parts of the plan coming together while completing floors in all three buildings. With work going on in the three buildings we are doing well to maintain quality control in all areas and keeping labor running at full (though now adjusted). Floor results run about: bldg 1=92%, Bldg 2=60% and dining hall=33%    Will they make it???????
And for the kids today... Nothing further on the pox. I find I get them laughing every time I imitate the roosters, chickens and goats. Adam gets them captivated when he does some of his gymnastics with applause his reward. Two of them, real young, got a kick out of smoothing some of the cement when I handed them a float while working on that one step. Might as well start them young on the home ownership part.
Small trivia for tonight: In the city of Nairobi 75% of the people have flush toilets available. In some regions of Kenya, 65% of the people "prefer not to have a pit latrine. They would rather 'go off in the woods (fields).'"


  1. what good news... great to see that you are going to make it! My only regret is that I missed out on all those concrete pours... there is some small satisfaction in knowing my mag float got to participate. Bill

  2. When we do the humblest bit of service faithfully there is always a certain joy when it is done. Perhaps there is no joy to equal that. It does not matter what the task may be,to do it faithfully sets the joy-bells ringing.
    blessings ~lisa