Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sad Goodbye

Due to technical difficulties this post is much longer overdue then I would have liked.

Base of stove being laid in the kitchen

Stove in progress

Almost complete

Finished well

Fabrication of the water tower

Welding machine with bare wires kept apart by a plastic bag

Painted windows and doors

Floors painted

Floors polished, which really dressed up the homes

Loading water tower for delivery

Tower safely on site 

Unfortunately we have used all space on the server, and no more pictures can be uploaded.  The water tower did go up thankfully that tractors trailer actually had a dump on it, which without  I'm positive that it would have been a much more difficult and dangerous process.

After setting the tower and getting concrete around the base it was time to say goodbye. This was by far the most difficult task for me since arriving here.  Over the past three months working next to everyone, twelve hours a day six days a week we have all become a very close family.  Im very glad that i got to spend the last few weeks with some of the kids at their new home!  The older kids in Soy I didnt get to say goodbye to which is also heartbreaking. 

The Future of This Project
All the glass for the windows have been cut and are on site, now that the windows are painted they are ready to be installed and arrangements have been made for that.
Gutters for collecting rain water are also on site and have also been arranged to be installed over the course of next week.
The other arrangement that has been made was for the remaining lumber to be fashioned into tables, seating and shelving.
The bunk beds should be delivered on site within the next two weeks.

I thank God for all He has done here, and may all the glory be given to him, through whom all things are possible! Everyone here is so thankful for all who gave there time, support, and prayers.  The family here misses everyone in all the teams that came and send their greetings. They have promised that none of you will be forgotten.

This project not only gave a new home  hope and a chance at a brighter future to forty plus orphans, but also made  education and a better life possible for many of the children of our local workers.  They too will  be remember everyone whom was involved here and those who supported back home.

Such a powerful show of Gods grace in everything that has been seen here!

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